Cheers to the New Year!  My resolution is to live healthier!

Cheers to the New Year! My resolution is to live healthier!

Good intentions for a gluten free New Year.

As we hail in the New Year, we wish each other all the best and good health. Winter is a time of pure indulgence: gluten free cookies, stollen and Christmas goose have accompanied us through the hearty Christmas time, raclette or fondue through New Year's Eve. Have you planned to return to a more conscious and healthy gluten free diet at the beginning of the year?  Let us help you!

One way to get started without sacrificing enjoyment is by gluten free cleansing. This will get your metabolism back on track. Let us show you even more tips that are easy to follow and put into practise.

Learning to love gluten free foods

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Think smart in the future: instead of mourning illicit gluten-rich treats, try focusing on what you can feast on without worrying. Discover the gluten free variety and you'll be amazed how many products naturally don’t contain any gluten. In our range and from our recipe world you will find many great suggestions. Plus, there are many valuable tips from the DZG (German Coeliac Society). For an annual fee, you will receive a regular newsletter and an annual catalogue with a list of gluten free foods from the largest food manufacturers.  If you do stray over into the list of forbidden foods, the best thing to do is head  to the "green" side. It requires patience: stay tuned and learn to love the exciting, gluten free way of life.

Food inventory in kitchen and cellar

New Year is a good time to have a clear out. Go through your cupboards and remove all food items that have reached their expiry date (bbd). Although many gluten free foods do have a longer shelf life, keep an eye on products which are nearing the “best before date”.  Older products can lose their nutritional content.  Once your cupboards are freshly tidied up, your thinking will be more orderly and motivated.

More variety on the plate

Especially during the cold season, we don’t often absorb enough vitamins and minerals. A vitamin deficiency can be determined by the doctor, with a blood test. A vitamin deficiency not only makes us feel weak, but also makes us more susceptible to secondary diseases. Those who eat a varied diet according to the gluten free food pyramid and enjoy the naturally gluten free colourful fruit and vegetable offer daily, live healthier and prevent long-term vitamin and mineral deficiencies!

Try new recipes

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Man is a creature of habit, especially when it comes to food. If cooking isn’t your passion, you may end up eating the same things rather than trying something new. Break out of this meal rut and try new recipes, once a week or even once a month.  Take your pick from our recipe world, where you will find inspiration. Even if new ingredients and their perhaps unusual preparation initially pose challenges for you, you'll find that, over time, the more recipes you try, the more pleasure you’ll have. Choices on the menu will become more diverse, your cooking skills will improve, and gluten free cooking will become increasingly easier. It’s also a lot of fun!

Get out in the fresh air


Whether you have coeliac disease or not - exercise not only stimulates digestion and the metabolism, but also enhances well-being. Try it! Even a short winter walk in the fresh air has a positive effect on body and soul and at the same time conjures a good mood in the winter grey.

  • Nordic Walking
  • Running
  • or swimming

are ideal activities during the dark season!

Expand your circle of friends

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Have you ever thought about starting your own self-help group? Although you don’t necessarily have to call it that. It can also be a regular get-together with others who also live gluten free. In such a circle, sharing and eating together is a lot of fun. Everyone knows what it's about and nobody feels alone. The topics are varied: In addition to cooking and baking, gluten free travel reports, excursion destinations, book recommendations or even cosmetic tips can be discussed. On these days, you’ll come home with a lot of ideas - and maybe even new friends.