New gluten free breads by Schär

Taste NEW gluten free breads by Schär!

Do you also love fluffy bakery products with a delicious fresh crust?

Nowadays, fortunately, the delicious loaf does not have to be eliminated from your dietary if you are on a gluten free diet! Schär brings you three delicious new sliced breads!

New gluten free breads by Schär

But which one is the right one for you? Lovers of dark bread can enjoy Pan Rustico - sliced, gluten-free, bread, which tastes great with various spreads or cheeses. For easier snacking during the day or refreshment for an unexpected visit, this darkly colored loaf is already practically sliced.

If you are an admirer of healthy seeds and you like it as a part of your pastry, you should not overlook Pan Multigrano, whole grain gluten-free bread. This delicious bread contains, for example, linseed beneficial for our digestion and beautiful skin, sunflower seeds, which lower blood pressure and cholesterol and improve your hair and nails and additionally contains of important minerals such as iron, magnesium or zinc.

If you want to try something else instead of dark or seed bread, you can enjoy white, soft gluten-free bread Pan Blanco. It is also great for toasting, so you just need a toaster, a few of your favorite ingredients and crunchy gluten-free toasts are here for you or whole family!