Preservatives? No, thanks!

Preservatives? No, thanks!

Preservatives prolong the duration of food and improve their look and taste.

Nevertheless there is some concern that they may cause adverse reactions in the organism.

Schär is devoted to your health and so we have never used preservatives or other superfluous additives.

Schärbread is entirely preservative free. It lasts such a long time because we use sourdough. High quality raw materials, such as ancient varieties of cereal, make our bread even more precious in terms of nutritional value.

Can preservatives have side effects?

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The use of artificial preservatives in general is not prohibited, but their effects have not been sufficiently researched to date. Migraines, diarrhoea, nausea: for those with a sensitive disposition, these symptoms may be related to the consumption of preservatives. Children are generally more susceptible: this is why infant food is generally preservative free.

How can I recognise the preservatives used in bread?

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The preservatives must be declared. You should therefore read the list of ingredients carefully. There are 34 different preservative agents. For bread, the law permits the use of propionic acid and sorbic acid. Legally, a 500g bread roll can contain 1g of preservatives. Consuming 3-4 slices of bread a day, you would ingest around 0.2g of preservatives.