Could it be gluten?

Could it be celiac disease or gluten/wheat sensitivity?

Many people have become acquainted with the following symptoms: abdominal pain, diarrhea, flatulence, headache and further unspecific complaints, such as anemia, loss of weight and tiredness after the consumption of food containing gluten, for instance of bread and pasta. Often the relation between gluten in food and the above mentioned complaints stay undetected, even when they could actually be a signal for a disease due to gluten.


Today we distinguish among three groups of diseases which are elicit by gluten or cereals containing gluten:

The autoimmune celiac disease

The gluten/wheat sensitivity

The wheat allergy


In order to diagnose celiac disease or gluten/wheat sensitivity, food containing gluten should be consumed on a daily basis. There are no symptoms and the diagnostic tests are not significant when gluten is excluded from the diet as the diagnosis can only be given if there is a consumption of food containing gluten!

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