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Pokez offers a friendly atmosphere, where you can safely order gluten-free. The kitchen at Pokez is well equipped to cater to the needs of people with gluten intolerance. The dishes are carefully prepared with gluten-free products. Gluten-free foods are appropriately identified. The staff is also aware of gluten sensitivity. Enjoyment without risk: not only at home but also at Pokez!

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    Pokez, a place for everyone to eat at

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      This has been my go to for almost 15 years. I use to be vegetarian back then, but for the past 10 year eat meat and am gluten free. They specialize in vegan meals as well. I wont get sick from cross contamination, (i have a gluten intolerance but am not celiac), so I can easily eat here, their menu has icons for gf or veggie options. Any friends from out of town, I take here right away. Delicious each time, great price, big portions. its family owned, so if they get busy, service might take longer than expected, tiny kitchen. Get the picther of sangria! enjoy!